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Services Include: Clearing, Demolition, Earth Moving / Grading, Storm Damage, Water / Sewer / Fire LIne Service, Curb & Gutter, Paving, GPS, Estimation
In 1927, Thomas B. Pierce, Sr. Tom came to Spartanburg from Norfolk, VA where he was painting cars on the Ford assembly line working for Ernest Burwell who was then the Ford dealer in Spartanburg. In 1935, Mr. Pierce opened his own duco- shop and painted automobiles. It was located on the corner of Church Street & Broad Street, here in downtown Spartanburg. In 1937 he took on the Ford dealership when Earnest Burwell switched to Chevrolet. In 1946 he incorporated Pierce Motor Company and in 1947 Pierce Realty Company which later became Pierce Tractor Company. In 1960 Pierce Acres was incorporated and Pierce Wilson Motor Company was merged into Pierce Acres.
Tom Pierce had nothing when he arrived in Spartanburg, but he worked to become a  true businessman as he started and ran multiple businesses from car dealerships,  tractor companies, to real estate. On December 10, 1967 Thomas B. Pierce died unexpectedly, a self-made man with a bounty of friends and business associates  that anyone would be proud to have.  His son, Thomas B. Pierce, Jr. Tommy, was 21 years old at the time his father passed away. He was in his junior year at the Citadel. Tom Pierce left behind over 100 employees  in the car business, 25 in the tractor business and fifteen or so in other areas and his  son, Tommy, had never managed anyone.  In Ford Motor Company's strict franchise rules, the only person who could take over and run the business was Tommy, because his father had put his name down to succeed him as having managerial authority in the case of his death. Tommy had worked in every department in the car business except parts. With the help of loyal employees and a lot of hours, Pierce Motor Company did well. Through a series of other business adventures, in 1972 he got out of the Ford business. Ultimately he and his mother, Ruth Anderson Pierce, decided to merge their corporations into one. Pierce Acres & Realty, Inc., a corporation Tommy owned made the likely choice for survivor. So they merged Palmetto Automobile Company, Pierce Realty, Inc., Shoppers Hardware, and L & P Carwash into Pierce Acres & Realty. Somewhere in the middle of all this Tommy's love for tractors in growing up on a farm, big equipment, and the desire to move and play in the dirt to develop property that Pierce Acres & Realty, Inc. owned, he started the grading business doing business as P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc. Scope & Capabilities by P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc.
Employment Opportunities with P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc.
In 1991, Ruth Anderson Pierce passes away leaving Tommy and his two children, Christy and Trey, as the only stockholders in Pierce Acres & Realty, Inc. Beginning in 1995 he split out the grading business from Pierce Acres & Realty, Inc. into a seperate corporation. He used the name we had been doing business under - P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc. This corporation is owned by Pierce Acres & Realty, Inc., hence P.A.R.  In December, 1997, Tommy's two children, Christy and Trey, began working full-time for the company. Trey received his  college degree from Lander University and Christy had received her college degree from Wofford College and Master's from Furman University. Trey had worked many summers and school breaks out in the field running equipment already and thus appropriately began supervising jobs, which allowed Tommy to spend more time in the office estimating. Christy became the office manager.
Christy and Trey worked diligently beside their father from 1997-2005 taking in as much information as knowledge as he was willing to share. Tommy truly was a self-taught man with the ability to use high-tech computers, excellent mechanical skills and a precise and efficient equipment operator, among many other valuable traits. Even after leaving college in his junior  year he was still able to write computer programs himself, but what ultimately helped the grading business was his self-taught ability to perform estimating. Although he did not have his engineering degree, his knowledge and hands-on experience in our line of work exceeded most in this area. This aided the growth of our company in his ability to perform, design and build. However, most importantly he had earned the respect for many of the general contracts in our area. We believe our father was extremely dedicated to our family business with a true passion for the outdoors and a unique ability  to see each job analytically which helped our company excel as he took on each project with pride.  He lost a year-long battle to esophageal cancer in September 2005. He left behind his estate split equally between Christy and Trey. They feel honored to work together as a team to carry on what their grandfather and father spend their life building. Trey continues to spend the majority of his time in the field ensuring that each and every job is started and completed with pride. Christy continues to manage the office, handling the majority of the paperwork. They work together as a team to estimate projects which ensures that they both remain on the same page from the beginning to the end of each project  that P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc. performs.  P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc. takes pride in having loyal employees that have been with the company for an average of fifteen plus years. We believe their loyalty and dedication has promoted our growth as a company. The ability to stick together and stand behind each other despite tough times makes us stronger as a company and as individuals. We believe this makes  our future together as a company.  We continue each day at P.A.R. Grading & Hauling, Inc. to carry our family's good name with pride and tradition that we  hope to pass down to our children, seven in all between Trey and Christy, but most importantly to show each and every  one of our customers.
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